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Supporting Local Industry and setting the scene for new stages of development.

From initial call to action to final cut, we’re for reel—in our authenticity and sincere appreciation and devotion to the spectacle of the screen. We’ll enthusiastically and whole-heartedly help keep things in scope, focus and perspective as we work to:

Assist production companies in the sourcing and securing of new talent and services

Help talent and film service providers get discovered and get to work

Stories go where they feel most alive, and storytellers are drawn to magical places that not only anchor the plot and narrative, but work to elevate it. For this, we’re on the rise as not only a desired and opportunistic destination to stay and create, but as a strategic industry partner for film, video, TV, gaming, and interactive digital and online media production on a cinematic or start-up scale.

As a Film Office, we offer:

  • The encouragement, enabling and leveraging of local film technology and innovation
  • The connecting and building of bridges and careers through events, professional development opportunities, meetups and more
  • Engagement with local and provincial governments to develop and champion robust incentive programs
  • A commitment to diversity, representation, and the inclusion of all voices on and behind the screen
  • Opportunities for equal participation by marginalized and minority voices
  • The promotion of specialized programs for entrepreneurs from overseas to invest into start-up businesses that service the film and digital media industry

As a Region, we offer:

  • Affordable, advantageous costs of living and business
  • Pre-existing fibre optic infrastructure
  • A supportive professional community
  • Year-round, family-friendly recreational opportunity with plenty of room to roam

Both the Town of Didsbury and the Town of Sundre are participating communities under the Rural Entrepreneur Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, allowing entrepreneurs to become permanent Alberta residents and gain a foothold in Canada by buying or starting businesses in rural Alberta.

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