Once upon a time, the old west met the modern west. In the middle, here in central Alberta—a province with more Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy wins in the last decade than any other province in Canada*—where the weight of the big sky presses down against the mighty shoulders of the Rockies, we are as important to your story as the settings themselves.

As the only regional and rural film office in Alberta, we make strong first impressions so that others can be sure to make lasting ones.

*Source: IMDB Database

Make I.T. Happen For You

The film industry is rapidly growing in Alberta, and industry interest in our Province as a canvas for film imagination and creation is global. While technology has always been critical to the film industry, its role – from drones to CGI to AI – is accelerating. Technologists find a home in communities that feel connected, real, and a part of the story. At the Mountain View Regional Film Office, we aim to connect people to career resources, to technology opportunity, and to other film industry professionals in pursuit of exceptional filmmaking.

Whether local to Canada or scouting your move from the US, the UK, India, Korea, Australia or Europe, become part of the story, and find your home in the Mountain View region, including the Towns of Didsbury and Sundre.

Tech Matters

VR, glasses-free 3D, augmented reality, Internet of things, voice synthesis with AI, and 3D printing. These emerging and advancing technologies lay at the core of film industry evolution. Alberta strengths converge with technology in key spaces we think have potential for you and your career, including 3D printing, drones, gaming, video marketing, and interactive digital and online media production.

On Location

Paying no attention to borders, stories go where they feel most alive, and storytellers are drawn to magical places that not only anchor the plot and narrative, but work to elevate it. For this, we are on the rise as a desired and opportunistic destination for novice and experienced film makers and digital content creators alike.

X Marks The Spot

Do you possess a Mountain View Region location that is able to disappear into mixed genres, specific eras, and iconic periods past, present, or yet to come? Share it with the world and see it on screen!

Make a Scene

Crew & Services

We keep things reel easy — attracting and connecting national and international scouting and production companies to a variety of ideal locations, resources and talent to help carry the load, ensure smooth processes and transitions, and set the scene in the creation of legendary stories waiting to be told.

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A film permit(s) is required to film any theatrical motion picture, television program, television commercial or music video on streets or property under the jurisdiction of the Towns of Didsbury and Sundre, and Mountain View County, or when off-street film-making affects the normal use of the adjacent street. Two forms are required to be completed before any permits are issued:

  • Film Production Information Sheet
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions for filming

In the Mix

Find Provincial, Federal, not-for-profit and private grants available to fund your next project.

Did you know?

Under the Banner of Heaven (released on Hulu on April 28, 2022 and streaming on Disney+ in Canada), a riveting true-crime drama set in 1980s rural Utah and filmed in part in the Town of Didsbury, instilled approximately $600,000 into our local economy.

*Source: Latlong.net

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