About Us.

We move mountains.

Casual and welcoming, flexible, and big and small screen friendly and ready, the Mountain View Regional Film Office is an insightful and accommodating coalition formed between Mountain View County and the Towns of Didsbury and Sundre to set the scene, ensure smooth processes and transitions, and help carry the load in the creation of truly intoxicating film, television, and interactive digital media content.

Through a convenient single point of contact, we quickly and confidently meet challenges, solve problems, and get better results with straightforward film-friendly policies adopted by each participating municipality with the Region, fewer hurdles and less red tape, and an enthusiastic, cooperative and supportive community spirit.


Driven by progress and business diversification, Mountain View County is a safe and vibrant, fully-engaged rural and agricultural community inspired by the desirable qualities of its hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people and its diverse, flourishing environment.


With a mix of historic brick buildings, new structures, and ‘80s-inspired streetscapes, nostalgic meets contemporary in a unique blend of traditional values and community progress in the eclectic and picturesque Town of Didsbury.


Situated at the base of the glorious Rocky Mountain foothills, and known for its friendly, hospitable personality, the small yet bustling Town of Sundre offers a varied economic base and some of the most heart and soul-swelling scenery in the Country.